Plancky - Cardiac Cram

Ahoy, Horizoners! Here’s something to start 2014 with a jolt: Plancky’s Cardiac Cram EP, a potent mix of creamy dayglow synths, intoxicating beats, and horror-inspired melodies. This searing brew will keep your nerves pierced, and heart pumping, 'til the end.

Wasting no time, Plancky lands a big clot in our chest with Cardiac Cram. After our blood thins, the track quickly reanimates us into a spin-inducing haze that can only be caused by the concoction of medication dumped into our system. A heavy kick and clap is the one-two punch we need, and then we're off, chugging into the lush lead-synths that follow -- until another clot spoils our fun.

Wrecking Yard takes us much deeper, into something of a fantasy wasteland of trash-dwelling hobos. A flurry of rattling and clattering make for white noise as strange bass synths reverberate off the rusting metallic scrap. As the most melodic of the three tracks on this EP, Wrecking Yard builds and layers upon this heap of scrap until it becomes something monumental and indestructible. We'll let you find your own way out.

Then it's on to the closer, Lip Licker, which arrives, murky and wet, with a voice fumbling about. Things pick up quickly, as we're soon dunked head first into a thick soup of flanging bass and filtered chords. The track leans heavily on its beat, but as things melt together, the melodies really start to steer this one to the end.


January 18, 2014
toxic, potent, creamy, chemical, blistering, jolted, thick, heavy, punched, clotting, wasted, searing