Killed By A Word - Kids With No Life Manuals

This month we welcome another artist into the fold, Killed By A Word. He brings us an interesting little EP with a distinctive flavour: a combination of familiar, universal themes and tasty new ingredients inspired by the artist's exotic origin.

Killed By A Word is just one of a number of pseudonyms — see also Anagramist and A Textura From Her Heaven — under which Hassen Daoues, a Tunisian, releases work; and Kids With No Life Manuals is — in his own words — a study in texture and sample manipulation.

The EP opens in grand style with an imposing layer-cake of strings. Bursting from its origin with a sharp, faintly ominous, piped chorus, tones blend and shift, creating a mournful atmosphere.

“God Loves Poor People More Than Smart Ones” finds us in a lonely corner of the desert, woken by the growing embers of the sun. Sorrowful, underwater tones are peppered with golden jewels, arousing wonder and almost lifting our spirits. Presently, our unremitting quest begins again; initially mollycoddled by soft kicks and gritty hats, the rising heat and intense brightness suddenly draws a jagged electronic melody across our weary soul.

Thankfully, “You Cannot Control What Is Wild” immediately offers some respite, allowing us to relax in more familiar, nostalgic territory. Lead by a buoyant, wobbly synth-line and a metronome-ticking rhythm, we bound along without a care in the world. Our arrival at a favourite, and splendorous, haunt comes — curiously — as quite a surprise. The world melts away as we bask in the warmth of our daydreams, roused by exultant pipes and bassy strings, and punctuated with the now-muted memories of our journey.

If this work is the product of experimentation then we very much look forward to future releases. Thank you, Hassen.

— Dan


May 28, 2012
exotic, mournful, sorrowful, nostalgic, buoyant