Ten and Tracer - You'll Be A Hero Soon, Speaker

We set off into this new decade with a release written nearly a decade prior. Ten and Tracer's "You'll be a Hero Soon, Speaker" comprises the rediscovered songs from an earlier version of his album, "Companion".

Jonathan Canupp, the fellow behind the name Ten and Tracer, gives us these previously thought-to-be-lost songs as the album "You'll be a Hero Soon, Speaker". He says they come from one of the best and most transformative periods of his life and reflect a new experimentation in his music.

As fans of Ten and Tracer's early work would expect, this album is filled with the corrupted chords and detuned drones that listeners quickly learned to crave. Synths are ever mysterious, as they elusively pan the stereo field and compose emotive melodies.

While some tracks revolve entirely around ambient tones and melodies, drums remain an integral part of Ten and Tracer's music. As Jonathan says, "they're probably made out of tapping twigs and reproduced Rolands". Whatever the case, for songs like "Dodecahedron Leads the Way" and "Sometimes Tyne-Tees" the rhythms become a more driving force. Their soft timbres and lively repetitions create a beautiful counter to the swelling, sustained chords so prominent in this album.

Aside from this rhythmic play over ambient textures, Ten and Tracer laces in samples of obscured voices and clever references leaving much to be deciphered.


January 23, 2010
mysterious, hazy, warped