Archaic Horizon is an electronic music netlabel, formed to promote and distribute the work of independent musicians.

Music distributed by Archaic Horizon largely falls into the ambient, downtempo and experimental genres; but with our focus primarily on thoughtful, melancholic and nostalgic themes, we are open to the entire range of current and past styles.

All our releases, each protected by a Creative Commons license, can be played online or downloaded for free.

This project is run by Scott Smith (Los Angeles, United States) and Dan Bettles (Bognor Regis, England); together we have cultivated Archaic Horizon into its current form.


We love discovering new music, and we'd be happy to release your music if we like what we hear. If you'd like to share your music with us and are interested in releasing on Archaic Horizon then please get in touch.

Our time is limited, so the more attractive your application and the more committed you are to the label, the more likely you'll get noticed. In addition to links to your tracks, please include a little information about yourself and your work—such as details of your methods, influences, etc.


We are always trying to evolve and expand, but our time and resources are limited. If you are an artist, musician, writer, designer, programmer, or other talented individual and would like to contribute to our project then please get in touch; we are open to ideas and love collaborating to progress the project.

You can also help by making a small donation to help with our hosting costs.

We suggest you also consider supporting Internet Archive who host our media and, more generally, provide a great service to the wider netlabel community.